What is the Role of the Business Architect?

There is a common set of questions burning in peoples’ minds when they think about the business architect role, whether they are new to the discipline or experienced but seeking to compare approaches. Recently, Cutter Senior Consultant Whynde Kuehn addressed these important questions in depth in a Business & Enterprise Architecture Advisor. Here’s a bulleted outline:

1. What Do Business Architects Do?

The business architect role is a strategic one that works at an enterprise level across business units. At a high level, business architects:

  • Facilitate the application of business architecture for business and IT value.
  • Build and maintain the business architecture knowledgebase.
  • Provide input to and assist with the internal business architecture practice.

2. How Do You Build a Great Business Architecture Team?

Creating a diverse business architecture team should be an intentional goal and can be developed through varying the:

  • Levels of knowledge and experience
  • Concentrations
  • Personalities

3. How Many Business Architects Do You Need?

There are two key factors that can help you to approximate the number of business architects you need:

  • Number of business domains
  • Practice support

4. Where Do We Find Business Architects?

Great business architects can come from anywhere. Some options to consider are:

  • Hire an experienced business architect who has worked in another organization.
  • Hire a business person from within or outside of your organization and train them on business architecture.
  • Hire an IT person from within or outside of your organization and train them on both the business and business architecture.

5. Where Should Business Architects Report?

The best answer to this question is: where it works best for your organization. No matter where the business architecture team reports, keep in mind:

  • It is a strategic role that needs to work across business units, so position it for success.
  • Business architects always need to maintain strong partnerships with both the business and with the enterprise architecture team.
  • Set expectations upfront that where the team reports and even how it is structured could change over time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Get more insight:

Cutter Research: Cutter clients can read the full Advisor, What Do Business Architects Do? Five FAQs, where these ideas are fleshed out in detail.

Cutter Webinar: Learn about the strategy execution life cycle and the critical role business architecture plays in it. Register and join Whynde Kuehn’s webinar, Leveraging Business Architecture: Translate Strategy into Action on April 26, 2017.

Cutter Workshop:  In the one-day interactive workshop with Whynde Kuehn, Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice, you and your colleagues will learn a practical, step-by-step approach to building, socializing and scaling a business architecture practice, using templates and techniques that can be applied to jumpstart your own organization’s practices.

What is the Role of the Business Architect? published first on http://ift.tt/2kqkkMF


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